Wan-Sao-Long means “The herb that intimates ladies” It is an original Thai herb which grow in a very limited area in Thailand.

It is said in the old days when perfume was still not available that men always carry Wan-Sao-Long with them to generate the aromatic smell which is so powerful that it intimates ladies to love them.

It is also said and believed that Wan-Sao-Long is the tree of luck and prosperity. It will only grow with the lucky or prosperous persons.


Wan-Sao-Long is the main herbal ingredient contained in all Arose Aromatic Herbal Products ranges.

It is, traditionally, valued since the ancient time in Thailand for its fragrance properties. Apart from the pleasant aromatic properties it also carries treatment of antiseptic effects ranging from skin infections, cuts and wounds. This antiseptic property is the hidden value of Wan-Sao-Long.

Wan-Sao-Long normally grow in the wet and cold climate areas. Originally it is found in the South of Thailand, then move up to Rachburi.

At present it is grown in the North East and some parts in the North of Thailand where the climate is cold and humid.

Most of the parts of Wan-Sao-Long are all useful. We can make use of the whole body ranging from roots to leaves. They all generate the fragrance aromatic smell which will make you relax and comfort you when you inhale.


We have been using Wan-Sao-Long as the main ingredients in all our Arose Aromatic Herbal Products. This is because of the main properties of Wan-Sao-Long which generate the natural aromatic smell. The smell is very unique which will comfort you and make you feel relaxing when you inhale.

Needless to say, the pleasant aromatic properties of Wan-Sao-Long are so powerful that we can not resist to extract the aromatic essential oil for your healing comfort and pleasure. Our new product of Wan-Sao-Long ‘ESSENTIAL OIL’ is available for your market now.

In order to ensure the high quality standard as natural and no chemicals product, we have our plantation of Wan-Sao-Long. It is an organic farm located in The North East of Thailand. It is a chemical free area.