Arose Herbal Gift Set

is our collection set of all Arose Herbal Products for your love one.

t is an ideal gift for many occations like Birth Day, Mother Day, Father Day, Thank Giving Day, Christmas Day, New Year Day, Valentine Day, Graduate Day, etc...
You can be sure that your love one will be delighted and happy to get such a nice gift from you in the very special and meaningfull occasions.

Our 'Arose Gift Set' is actually a 'VALUE SET' which contains following items:-
  • one piece of Arose Aromatic Herbal Pack,
  • one piece of Arose Eye Pillow,
  • four pieces of Arose Body Bath,
  • four pieces of Arose Foot Bath.

Arose Aromatic Herbal Pack is made from 100 % natural herb and free of chemicals. Using only herbs grown and collected from their original locations. Arose Herbal Packs assure you of authentic aromatic smell which will comfort you and relieve you of muscular pains such as muscular tension, muscle spasms, swelling of joints and tendons.

Arose Eye Pillow is good for eye relaxation, relief of eye tension, stimulation of blood circulation.

Arose Herbal Body-Bath Bag is ideal for a variety of uses for example, relaxation after long hours of work, improving blood circulation, getting rid of bateria on your body etc.. It is optimum for both young and old.

Arose Foot Bath Bag is good for cleaning your feet, refreshing and nourishing the skin, getting rid of bacteria.