Arose Herbal Eye Pillow
Arose Herbal Eye Pillow is the product made from natural herb.
It is ideal for:-
  • Relaxes muscles around the eyes
  • Reduces wrinkles due to eye tension
  • Heavenly aroma rejuvenates and invigorates
  • Re-usable
  • Hot and Cold Application

Arose Herbal Eye Pillow
The aromatic smell of Arose eye pillow is generated from selected natural herbs like wansaolong, lemon balm, lemongrass. The smell does not come from any flavors. It is chemical free.

Arose Herbal Eye Pillow

Arose Eye Pillow is a handpicked blend of therapeutic herbs packed into a padded eye pillow.
Designed to soothe and refresh tired eyes by relaxing eye muscles and stimulating blood circulation.
The aromatic herbs also act as a natural inhaler to ease tension and clear the mind. Perfect for eye strain and tension headaches caused by stress, fatigue, reading or excessive computer use.
An indispensable travel companion. Perfect for insomniacs.

When use : Remove " Arose eye pillow " from aluminum foil bag and put in microwave oven for 20 seconds at low heat. Place " Arose eye pillow " over your eyes, lie back to relax eye muscles.The aromatic smell of natural herb will also comfort you.