Herbal Body-bath Bag

Arose Herbal Body-bath Bag is the product made from natural herb. It is ideal for refreshing, nourish the skin, cleaning your body, relieve tension and fatigue. Perfect to unwind after a stressful day.

Direction: Put the " Arose herbal body-bath bag " in hot water to soak for minutes. Add water to adjust the water temperature as your desired.Soak yourself in the water to relax and refresh as long as you like

Ingredients : Wansaolong, Leech lime peel,Guava leaves etc.

The story of Thai Herbal Bath

In the old Thai traditional way, the herbs which are used in the Thai Herbal Bath are not only help to clean the body but also to cure certain ailments like skin diseases, muscle stress, strains and common cold. In addition it also helps to relax your mind and body. This is mainly because Thai Herbal Bath is a combination of fresh an dried herbs which are boiled in the hot water and the steam always carry the herbal properties to refresh you.

The advantages of Thai Herbal Bath

Thai Herbal Bath is recommended for the following:

  1. Relaxation of body and mind,
  2. Stimulation of blood circulation,
  3. weight reduction,
  4. Woman after childbirth,
  5. Cleansing the skin and relieve inflamed
  6. skin condition.

The ingredients of Thai Herbal Bath
The main ingredients of Traditional Thai Herbal Bath normally consist of the followings groups:
  1. Aromatic Herbs.
    It consists of the herb which generate the aromatic smell which in addition to the pleasant aroma, it also help to soothe skin conditions, aches and nasal congestion.
    The herbs of this group are for examples: -
    • Turmeric,
    • Pomelo,
    • Leech Lime,
    • Phai etc…
  2. Sour Taste Herbs.
    The herbs of this group carry antibacterial and cleaning properties. They are good for certain skin diseases and itching. The examples of this group of herb are
    • Tamarind,
    • Som Poi,
    • Leech Lime etc….
  3. Herbs for specific ailments.
    This group of herb is used for treatment of anti-inflammatory,antibacterial, antifungal.
    Some examples are
    • Sea Holly,
    • Pak Nam,
    • Thong Pan Chang.